Our client is a leading global B2B company with operations in 20 countries across Asia and North America


Enterprise Web Application


A unique web interface which provide significant, market related study in simple and easily comprehensible terms. The wide-ranging clientele which  includes investors, traders, fund managers, proprietary and derivatives traders, business executives, research departments and financial advisors.

Case study


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Cubet Solution

  • Measure to make the Website Dynamic and Increase Traffic

We suggested to the client allow users to buy these reports. And we integrated a registration form for the user before he paid for the subscription. The registered users were also given access to one free report on their dashboard, so that they were tempted to continue by purchasing later.

  • Making the Website More Admin Manageable

As we incorporated the Sign-up or login info form every time a new user signed up they only needed one id, unlike earlier when they had to enter separate login details for different categories. With the help of Expression Engine these single login details could be used for all types of research plans and reports. All the membership plans related information was managed through CMS, to keep them editable for future and ensure the ease of the client if he wanted to change or add anything.

  • One Time Password Generation in Runtime for More Secured Login

We integrated a more secured process, by making it mandatory for the users to provide their mobile numbers and email id during the registration process. They would be sent a four digits random code on their phone or email every time they logged in, using which they could move ahead with the login process.



  • Add recurring functionality so that members can be charged on monthly basis
  • Automatic emailing of user logins after the completion of the user registration process
  • A single login based system for plans and reports for both categories of members U.S based and Global
  • Also the addition of some add-ons provided by the client


  • Redeveloping the Website to Make it Dynamic
  • Single Login Based System
  • More Secured Login Area

Technology Stack

  • laravel
  • php
  • ios
  • android

End result

The users are now able to access multiple type of data (reports, membership plans) with single username & password, that too with a more secured login area.

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