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Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch Customization

Sencha Touch is a javascript framework designed for developers to build potential cross platform applications directed for any of the mobile or desktop devices. Sencha platform assist the developers to efficiently manage the hectic software development cycle pertinent to the web, mobile application development. With Sencha, developers can develop, deploy and manage high-end web applications while ensuring optimum user experience with respect to device platform, screen size etc. Sencha Touch platform offers a variety of features. As a matter of fact, you can develop, test, debug and even theme any web application irrespective of the device and browser on which it is operating. Furthermore, the provision to analyse your web application provides you with the option to sniff out bugs and efficient management with zero downtime. The theming options offered with Sencha Touch platform enables you to develop your web applications in minimum time and effort. The platform also offers potential Javascript & Java frameworks thereby assisting the developers to bring out their best.

Why Sencha Touch?

  • Sencha offers pre-tested components for making your application visually compelling
  • Sencha comes with an active community of experts.
  • Apps are deployed securely with Sencha and hence no concerns on data breach.
  • Provides provision to monitor the performance and usage of web applications.

Why cubet?

  • Cubet maintains dedicated team of professional Sencha Touch Developers.
  • Consistent support and services throughout the course of Sencha development cycles.
  • Being a professional Sencha Touch development company, we offer respective mobile apps at affordable price.
  • We also offer Sencha Touch Mobile Application consulting.

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