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PhoneGap Custom Application Development

For developing platform-specific PhoneGap Mobile App Development  for iOS, Android, Windows etc, you need to rely on different programming languages and frameworks. The technology – PhoneGap alleviates this necessity. PhoneGap is one of the popular mobile application development frameworks, that is approved by many technological big-shots including Apple Inc. This mobile app development framework ideally provides developers with the provision to develop applications for mobile devices by conjugating or wrapping up CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript with respect to the device’s platform. Writing codes using this framework greatly reduces the need to rely on platform-specific API’s like in iOS, Android and Windows. One of the characteristics of PhoneGap is that it flexes the functionalities/features of javascript & HTML to be compatible with the device. As a software developer, PhoneGap is your ideal choice when it comes to developing hybrid or cross platform mobile applications. The framework itself is developed by foreseeing several factors like browser compatibility, code reuse etc. The PhoneGap has been downloaded by more than one million users so far and this stat mirrors its popularity more than anything.

Why PhoneGap Development?

  • PhoneGap can used to create cross platform mobile applications with minimum effort and time.
  • Its supports multiple device platforms and APIs
  • Used by over 400,000 developers across the globe.
  • PhoneGap is a free and open source framework

Why cubet?

  • Cubet maintains a highly experienced team for PhoneGap cross platform application development and integration services.
  • We offer Dedicated Team Model (DTM), 24/7 assistance and on-time project delivery.
  • We even let you hire individual PhoneGap developers for your projects.
  • Cubet maintains dedicated QA for PhoneGap application development projects.

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