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Do you really require a dynamic website instead of the current one? You must take a look at Handlebars.js. It is a simple JavaScript library that can be included in your web page just like any .js files. The templates in Handlebars are almost similar to the regular HTML, but also give you the ability to embed expressions that change what is displayed. Handlebars.js is a superset of Mustache, so that it allows rendering of Mustache templates in addition to Handlebars templates. While Mustache is logic less templating language, Handlebars adds extensibility and minimal logic. By taking a JSON structure and running it through a template, Handlebars will generate your HTML. Handlebars is not intrusive, and this is what makes Handlebars so accessible. Handlebars come with some built-in helpers to assist you in working with more complex data. Handlebars.js give you the ability to create your own custom helper.

Why Handlebars?

  • Handlebars.js is one of the most advanced (pre-compiling and the like), feature-rich, and well accepted JavaScript templating engines.
  • Handlebars.js is a logic-less templating engine, which means there is little to no logic in your templates that are on the HTML page.
  • Handlebars, enables you to keep your HTML pages simple, clean and decoupled from the logic-based JavaScript files.
  • An active Handlebars community.

Why cubet?

  • Project managers with 5+ years of experience in managing templating engine like Handlebars.
  • Consistent support and services throughout the course of project development.
  • Highly skilled and rightly trained team of Handlebars developers.

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