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Ext JS is a javascript framework, ideal for building robust and versatile cross platform web applications for tablets, smartphones or desktop. The conjugation of Ext JS, Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting is considered to be a perfect ingredient to developing interactive multi-platform web applications. The Ext JS framework falls within the MVC framework category and offers several healthy features like data binding, routing, advanced charting package etc. Ext JS is provides you a complete tool kit essential for developing result-oriented web applications. The browser compatibility with Ext JS is one of the exclusive aspects that make it a stand out javascript framework. It maintains peerless compatibility and functionality for almost all the nascent and popularly used browsers.
The Ext JS comes associated with robust widgets that can be used effectively for developing any simple or complex web application. The framework also gives you complete control over the display regardless of the digital device that you are using. The latest version of Ext JS i.e. Ext JS 5 comes up with several versatile and compelling themes. If you are in search for professional Ext JS developers to develop a web application from scratch or to revamp any web application via Ext JS application development framework, then Cubet is your one stop solution.

Why Ext JS?

Ext JS is one of the versatile javascript frameworks that supports the development of hybrid web applications. This framework is known for the below listed features.

  • Robust and Versatile Widgets
  • Highly customizable Themes
  • Application Templates

Why cubet?

  • Highly skilled and rightly trained team of Ext JS developers
  • We maintain a dedicated and professional team of Ext JS application developer who actively pursue the latest updates regarding this javascript application development framework.
  • Consistent support and maintenance in addition to timely enhancements.
  • Maintains a dedicated QA for Ext JS application development projects.

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