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Organizations deal with complex operations and modernization challenges. Cubet is a leading Enterprise Services Company helping businesses overcome these challenges and improve efficiency, effectiveness, control, and insight. We deliver high-quality software that converts complex business undertakings into relatively simple processes.

Modernize with our 15+ years of expertise in designing, developing, and integrating complex software systems.

Drive Business Growth With World-class Enterprise Solution Services

Leverage our technical prowess to build a robust software architecture that supports your growing business needs. Cubet’s enterprise solution services can help make your organization transformation-ready & treat current organizational challenges efficiently.

Looking for software ideally suited to your business requirements? We help enterprises create new software solutions from scratch or tune the up-and-running systems to embed them into your IT landscape smoothly.

We help enterprises eliminate traditional and manual processes by automating existing software. Our expert team aims to produce tangible results and save operating expenses by transforming your organization into a digital model.

Looking to transform your relationships with partners, vendors, and customers? Create SaaS-based software that operates on a recurring subscription model. We utilize cutting-edge tech like AI and ML to expand your company and monitor how customers interact with your product.

Why Choose Cubet For Your Enterprise Software Solutions?

Customized Solutions

The new digital era requires organizations to be up-to-date while coping with existing business challenges. Software created specifically for your needs gives you a competitive advantage. Our expert team can design, build, and implement robust, complex software solutions to help you gain a leading edge.

Proven Methodology

Whether you are looking for enterprise software or a SaaS-based solution, we can engineer your project with an agile framework that ensures faster results, scalability, and stability. Every iteration of our agile methodology focuses on continual releases and incorporates your feedback.

Technology Competence

Our next-gen tech stack includes all the popular platforms and frameworks. We surpass your expectations by harnessing futuristic technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive digital transformation.

Domain Expertise

We have in-depth knowledge of many different business sectors, including Healthcare, Retail, Finance, HR, and others. Our technical capabilities and business domain knowledge enable us to deliver the right enterprise solutions.

Official Laravel Partnership

Cubet is an official Laravel Partner and our partnership facilitates our clients to grow together and enables them to utilize the features and power of Laravel before anyone could.

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Laravel Certified Company

Cubet has expertise and knowledge in developing Laravel apps, and we employ highly experienced Laravel Certified developers, making us a Laravel Certified company on whom our clients can trust.

Know more about us at OFFICIAL LARAVEL Certification

Official Meteor Partnership

Cubet is an official Meteor Partner, and our collaboration facilitates a quicker development process and significant business benefits. Being a Meteor Partner, we can better develop complex and mission-critical software solutions for enterprises.

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Showcasing Our Enterprise Solution Expertises

Every aspect of your software solutions is designed with high availability and scalability by Cubet experts. This is why more than organizations trust Cubet with their enterprise IT and technology solutions.

Our recent projects demonstrate our expertise in building next-gen enterprise solutions.

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Aviation Training Made Smarter

Scandlearn and Cubet worked together to develop the answer for better technical training for aviation, blazing a path in training innovation.

An impressive new learning experience that comes with challenges:

  • Aviation learning still predominantly is physical and paper driven.
  • Only 28% of aviation workers have access to interactive learning technologies.
  • There are no mechanisms in place to handle end-to-end training, qualification management, or training records management.
  • There are no mechanisms in place to handle end-to-end training, qualification management, or training records management.  Custom learning modules cannot be added.

Training modules for cabin, flight, ground crews, handling employees, management, and technicians have brought the crew’s abilities up to date. Our solution includes:

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Qualification Management System (QMS)
  • Electronic Training Records (ETR)
  • Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA)
  • Virtual s360 training courses
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Fortifying with Digital Experience

One of the oldest and most inventive, the British Medical Journal teamed up with Cubet 5 years ago and is still driving a significant shift in the way medical journals are consumed. 

We discuss all difficulties, but here is where we made a difference in the BMJ business: 

  • Improved administration for collecting new software needs, testing solutions, and maintenance chores.
  • Early adoption of cutting-edge features such as multi-window conferring, markup tools, award leaderboards, and so on.
  • Realigned procedures in accordance with GDPR compliance
  • Feature-rich applications for simple information consumption

Collaboration is important when it is linked to useful yet valued solutions. BMJ received the following from us: 

  • Website and advance analytics
  • Digitally accessible International Forum for events management
  • Continuous Educational Platform
  • Event promotion app
  • Leaderboard based awards management platform
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Case study software development company
Case study software development company

Making Business Entertaining For Developers and Gamers

Justplay teamed with Cubet on an intriguing but intelligent platform to create a rewarding system for players and developers that drives both to participate and progress.

We understand that each project has its own set of problems, and this product has its own set of criteria, including:

  •  Technology-enabled decision support.
  • End-to-end sports management system for managing end-to-end team strategy.
  • Customizable coach’s dashboard.
  • Forecasting with Big Data Analysis

We designed a platform that just made things easy but wonderful by using technology, and we came up with a solution that included:

  • Team System Dashboard
  • Player Quiz System
  • Automated Scouting System
  • Advanced Analytics & Reports
  • Recruit Coordinator System
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Check out our Portfolio to know how our enterprise solutions company can help you develop and deploy digital transformation at scale.

Client Testimonials

“We are really proud to announce Cubet as our first Laravel partner in Asia. Because of their passionate dedication for creating powerful, sustainable Laravel applications, I know I can confidently connect people to Cubet”
“Our experience with Cubet over several years was extremely positive. We received great quality work from their engineers, and their management team was organized, professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend considering Cubet as a business partner whether you're looking to build out an entire team or to supplement your existing staff with additional talent.”
“Cubet were responsive, flexible, fast and overall provided a fantastic service. We are very happy with the results and I'd highly recommend them.”
“Cubettech is a good partner that listens to the customer's needs. I have very good experiences with Cubettech and their people and hope for a long future together with them.”
“I've contracted Cubet Tech since 2013 for online platform development services, and they built two fully functional e-commerce platforms for me so far.”
“The guys over at Cubet have gone above and beyond as our technological partner. Excellent communication, great energy and a lot of talent to manifest the potential of world-class ideas.”
Taylor Otwell

Creator of Laravel

Andy Wachter

Co-founder, Just Play Sports Solutions LLC

Ruth Staunton

Head of Corporate Marketing, BMJ

Peter van der Schee

CEO Digirec

Ahmed Doha

Founder at Bndler

Daniel Goodall

Creative Director, Six Base

Enterprise Technology Services That Fuel Your Success

Our proven enterprise solutions have robust features to strengthen business processes and operations. We help organizations become future-ready with unique, secure, modern, and award-winning enterprise software. Here are some examples of applications we have built:

Want To Modernize Your Business With Enterprise Services?

Our best practice processes and development methodologies align and optimize your resources, processes, and technology. We improve your tech architecture and raise enterprise service accessibility to new and improved levels.

Our tailored approach to your business requirements differentiates us from our competitors.

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Cubet Tech Stack

Our enterprise solution services are backed with the right technology infrastructure. Our developers have wide-ranging expertise in all the frameworks needed to create the industry's most comprehensive suite of enterprise solutions.

Technologies we use
Front End
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Google Cloud

Engagement Models

Coding Standards

As an Enterprise Solution Company, we put a high emphasis on preserving standards. We follow coding and development standards and use cutting-edge methods to make web interfaces that can grow or shrink depending on how people use them. Our coding standards offer you:

Application Security – By writing uniform and standardized code, there are fewer regions that are vulnerable and can be readily tracked for troubleshooting.

Performance Improvement – Bugs and unstructured code that have a negative influence on performance may be eliminated, resulting in improved usability.

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