Construction Subcontractor time- work-salary management software


The client is one of the biggest Heavy-duty Contractors in Australia with a staff volume of 100K plus

Business Requirement

The client having construction contracts across Australia wanted an all-new software system to automate the entire operations including subcontracting process, subcontractor staff management, work allocations, efficiency calculation, salary management etc. The client wanted an extensive system that can help in digitizing the entire operations thereby eradicating the administrative flaws which were a major concern for the management resulting in major revenue mismanagement.

Cubet’s solution

We came up with a solution for the client’s specific business requirement, we suggested to keep mobile apps for the frontend end-user operations and a web app portals for the contractors and management. The mobile apps can be installed on the employees’ mobile phone helping to track the attendance using geolocation, working time, efficiency etc. Also, the employees were provided with a dashboard to view their own data. Web portals were developed for the contractors and admin to manage the operational aspects. We suggested building Native iOS, Android apps for employees and web portals in Angular- Laravel technology stack.


  • Since the Software system was built for Australia, we had to take into account the Australian labor laws while building the app logic and patterns.
  • The Client having multiple work locations and numerous subcontractors, the app had to include wider business logic, that can accommodate all aspects connected to each user roles. Converting the business rules to software logic was a major challenge.
  • The app has to accommodate a wider active user base, achieving a user experience that is usable and convenient for the employers was a challenge.

Key Features

  • Geo-location based check-in and checkout
  • Resource working time management tool
  • Payroll dashboard
  • SubContractor dashboard
  • Support system

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