A dribble kind SaaS based web application for photographers and creative designers.


The project is a startup dream of an Australian photographer and a product consultant who carries a huge experience working with celebrities and creatives worldwide.

Business Requirement

Client’s requirement was to revamp the current minimal website with an extensive SaaS-based web platform. The software concept is similar to dribble but the client being a world-famous photographer himself, they wanted a competition portal where photographers from different parts of the world can submit their photographs for competition. The photographs go through a review process and where judges added to the system can review and submit their feedback. Also, the photographers have the ability to monetize their photographs by selling those to the creatives who can download it from the application.

The photographs who join the platform has an extensive dashboard which gives the details about the influencers and the monetization status. The application can be used as a social media app for photographers and creatives and all the social media networking features too should be present in the software. The app has both freemium and premium users and features.

Cubet’s solution

Cubet suggested building a mobile responsive and adaptive web application system with the modules deployed in an iterative approach. The client was looking for a highly professional UI as the app was meant for creatives. Our UX team spend days with the client to understand the UX flow to be achieved and came up with a convincing UI/UX plan. The frontend of the software was developed in Angular and the backend with Laravel and Nova.


  • A tight timeline for completion
  • The hefty UI/UX demand
  • Nova customization for admin

Key Features

  • SAAS management dashboard
  • Award shortlisting and voting tools
  • Messaging platform
  • Payment system
  • Photo stock repository
  • Member dashboards and extensions

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