SaaS-based Retailer Service platform to Assign Distributors to Medical Manufacturers


A French Medical equipment marketplace that connects suppliers, distributors & end-users. A global player in the medical equipment industry.

Business Requirement

The requirement from the client was to revamp their existing Enterprise Management system which had already reached the saturation. The new system should be highly scalable and should be able to accommodate the entire business model. The system should have separate portals for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Management. The system should have a custom quotation building portal where Manufactures, Distributors can create quotations.

The entire business operations should be managed within the application and the administrator should be supplied with an end to end data regarding the quotation value, warehouse status, distribution capacity, etc. The entire database needs to be migrated to the new platform.

Cubet’s solution

We suggested a full-fledged system in a custom approach that covers the entire business requirement We took a modular approach to avoid dependency of the features, proper planning was done with the help of data flow diagrams thereby relationship between each feature is being identified and isolated. A new UI was implemented with the user experience given the utmost importance. React JS was used for the frontend development considering the immersive UI elements while Node JS was used for the backend. Distributor, Manufacturer and Admin portals were created with data communications happening between. Every process was converted into data and generated as various reports.


  • Data migration:

A huge amount of data had to be migrated but the database structure of the old and the new software systems were different. Had to bring in an approach to make this happen.

  • Size of the system and the tight timeline:

The scope of the application was very large but the client had a tight timeline as their previous software had become almost nonfunctional. An iterative approach had to be taken with intermediate productions.

Key Features

  • Custom quotation building tool
  • Real-Time operations
  • Payment through multiple channels
  • Admin dashboard with extensive reporting functionality
  • User management system
  • Order management system

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