SaaS based custom e-Commerce platform with in build embroidery design tools


One of Asia’s largest online clothing retailers with presence across the globe. The company operates in segments such as manufacturing and sale of apparel in the domestic and overseas markets.

Business Requirement

Client’s requirement was to build a fully functional e-commerce web application that can act as an extended arm for their unique business model. The objective of the new e-commerce platform was to expand their reach into the US market and therefore they wanted a very comprehensive software system that can work seamlessly in Web and Mobile.

The website should give the customers a feature to create their own designs using a markup tool within the application. The customer should also be able to create 3D mock-ups with their designs on available products and then make orders for the same. The application should have an extensive admin system where the entire business process should be automated and data generated as reports.

Cubet’s solution

The business requirement being extensive and scalable in nature. We proposed a full-service solution document that covers the iterative software development, deployment plans. We suggested building a custom e-commerce platform that can be scalable and robust. ReactJS was suggested as a Frontend technology considering the heavy frontend customization and feature additions required. Fabric JS was used to build the custom markup tool and NodeJS was suggested for the backend systems.


  • Custom markup tool with third-party integration abilities: The markup tool abilities being large and this being a key feature to the software, this feature had to be done with the architect, UX and engineering teams coming together. The tool had to be initially made in Fabric JS and then converted into a React component to facilitate the frontend integration flawlessly.
  • Custom time updates: Since the admin portal needed real-time updates on the customer quotes without refreshing the admin page, was implemented to handle real-time updates.

Key Features

  • E-commerce features
  • A custom build Markup Tool, for custom design making
  • A version handling process
  • A customer support system
  • Work Management, etc
  • Order ticketing system
  • Order processing system
  • Embroidery work management
  • Resource management system
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Custom time updates

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