Customer Background:

Odin Education, a well-established manufacturing company in Africa, approached Cubet to improve educational standards for African children and students. The founders of the company envisioned a seamless learning ecosystem where students could have unprecedented access to the school syllabus through a digital platform that is compliant with security regulations and provided well before the syllabus is distributed in schools.

Project Background:

The biggest pain point in Africa was the lack of access to study material for students during ongoing semesters. Students often received course material two or three months after the semesters began, which hindered their development and growth. In light of this, Odin Education wanted to provide a unique digital solution for African schools by developing the digital skills of underprivileged students in South Africa.


Cubet faced several challenges in this project, including internet availability and the potential for students to misuse the devices for entertainment purposes.
72% of South African youngsters did not have access to the internet
77% of students and youngsters did not have access to a library
53% of students in SA were unable to reach standard 10.


To address these challenges, Cubet deployed a team of experienced engineers to develop revolutionary study equipment in the form of tablet-based devices. Robust security mechanisms were implemented to ensure that the devices were only used for studying. The students were able to obtain the devices from the government at subsidized rates and received study material well ahead of school, allowing them to begin studying in advance. Cubet created a secured digital workspace that unlocked the boundaries of conventional learning and established a revolutionary learning environment for the students.

The application provided anytime and anywhere access to digital devices for students and increased user engagement through personalization. The technology stack and tools used in the development of the app ensured high compatibility across all mobile devices and operating systems.

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