Customer Background

Our Customer is a  leading provider of technology solutions to the farming industry. They approached us for a solution to predict Mildew disease occurring in crops using precision agriculture. Precision Agriculture is an approach to farm management that uses information technology (IT) to ensure that the crops and soil receive exactly what they need for optimum health and productivity.

Project Background

As the demand for food continues to increase with the increase in population, there is a pressure on farmers to improve efficiency and cut costs while boosting crop yields.  Farmers around the world face challenges such as a change in climate, limited water supply, and various crop diseases. To overcome these challenges our client wanted a precision farming solution that predicts diseases and alerts to take proactive measures. 


The product was aimed towards farmers and required cost-effectiveness as well as efficiency is considered. The UI needs to be more meaningful, easy and less tech-savvy enabling the farmers to use it easily.


We deployed a Precision farming Internet of Things(IoT) solution that captures data including (Temperature and Humidity) from a device that is placed on the farm. This device is  interfaced with controllers and sensors. The data fetched through the device are then transferred to a web-based application using external API developed using Laravel.  

The Application was developed considering all conditions through which the crops would get affected. Algorithms addressing severity and outcomes were designed. The application was able to now predict the chances of Mildew disease and represent it in a graphical format. It also provides guidance for immediate and future decisions, such as precisely suggesting the fertilizers and the quantity that needs to be sprayed on the farm. 


Our customer saw improved efficiency in crop yield within 3 months of deployment. The solution we provided helped the client in achieving sustainable growth while cutting costs. We provided a bird’s-eye view into the condition of Crops, with data available 24×7 in real-time. The platform supports web-based interfaces to access the data from anywhere through secured and authorized connections.

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