Customer background 
Our customer is a social enterprise specializing in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve and interact with information online. They are a provider of both consumer and B2B products that use AI to analyze the vast quantities of information on the internet and assess its credibility and veracity.

Project Background
The Internet provides a variety of news. In addition, fake news is being produced and the problem of social polarization is becoming serious. Our customer wanted an AI-based fake news identification Application to detect Fake News and to improve the quality of the news being read. The Application should act as a platform that contextualizes the heaps of information available to readers so that they are better informed about the topics that matter to them. 

Identifying the logic behind genuine and fake news requires some study and analysis. This also needs support from SME with a sufficient Media background.

Cubet developed a Mobile-based application that combines insights from AI, Machine Learning, NLP and Human Intelligence to determine the credibility of News. The Application provides integrated contextualized newsfeeds and bespoke fact-checking service for its customers.

The App helped to Fight against fake news and provide readers with the authorized and contextualized News feed.

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