Customer background 

Fitness MD is a fitness house that has helped change the lives of many individuals suffering from obesity through goals and group fitness. They have personal trainers who ensure that the customers have perfect form while fellow members motivate you when you’re right about to quit thus maintaining the routine.

Project background 

The client wanted to introduce a system that could help its customers track their fitness routines, diet plans, exercises, etc. all at the ease of a click. At the same time, that enables them to check their fitness history and stay motivated.


Developing a platform that could be easy to use, faster in deployment and budget-friendly. 


We developed an application that enables fitness enthusiasts to choose a fitness regime, select a trainer and start their fitness program. This application enabled users to complete their first assessment to determine the initial fitness levels. The users could then map out their fitness goals including fitness, meal and calorie planning. Assessments including tracking fat ratio, fitness capabilities, and progress were enabled. This could be enrolled at a price and pricing was split across several packages. The dedicated Laravel developers made life easy for development in publishing package assets, managing database migrations, seeding and generating boilerplate code for new controllers, models, and migrations.


The application enabled engagement and retention.

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