An advanced digital dubbing studio platform for professional dubbing and recording


The client is a well known Italian movie studio producing Italian, Spanish and English movies, documentaries and TV shows.

Business Requirement

The client a great number of producing movies and documentaries wanted software that can make the dubbing process more convenient and hassle-free than the conventional studio recording process. They wanted software that can act as a studio and record sound against videos in the best quality as a professional studio. A dubbing artist or a vocalist(cast) should be able to use the software in a closed environment and with any of the studio recommended recording device attached to a computer. The software should have the video snippets library, the vocalist should be able to play the video and record his/her voice.

The software calculates different metrics accuracy and quality. The app validates the quality of the recording and approves only the ones that pass the criteria. The app should have a dashboard system to which the vocalist can be invited by the admin, the dashboard will have the video snippets specific to the user and the completed recordings can be accessed through the dashboard. The software should manage the whole process from uploading videos snippets, casting, recording and downloading the recorded file. The app should be that sophisticated that the studio should be able to use the dubbed audio file for the final mixing.

Cubet’s solution

The software idea being complex and highly sophisticated in nature, we started off with a consultation phase where we studied the business requirement and submitted a feasibility report initially followed by a solution document for the implementation. Once we had the road plan set, we started with the UX strategy building as it was a key area client was looking at. We carefully shaped a digital dubbing studio software encompassing the business requirements. The software was made stable to manage the huge amount of data it should manage and the precision of the quality of the process.

The app can be used remote by a dubbing artist to record the voice in studio quality without the hassle of going to the studios. Once chosen for the cast, the user can easily complete the dubbing and submit their recording for the approval from the top person directly, the director. The tools present in the studio screen has been customized keeping the users’ convenience in mind as well as this apps works in real time. The software was designed as such once the cast uploads their recordings and the software approves it, at the same time it can be reviewed by the director as well, the waiting time for approval is therefore eliminated.

Additionally, a chat feature has been added to the app where the cast & the director can chat and have a discussion about the recordings at the same time.


  • It was an out-of-the-box concept. Research and trials had to be carried out.
  • Converting the recordings into AAF file format: As the recording file needs to be downloaded only in the AAF format, we had to integrate a file converter for file conversion.
  • Customizing the tools in the studio screen: The studio screen consists of different tools that can be used in the recordings such as editing, trimming, slicing, etc. For making these tools more compatible & convenient, we had to extensively customize those tools.

Key Features

  • Studio Dubbing tools
  • Real-Time operations
  • Chat integration
  • AAF file generation/conversion
  • Customized studio screen tools

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