Customer background

Yourcause is a prominent social enabler empowering marginalized communities to flourish and live tranquility. Social work is ingrained in their DNA

Project Background

Since its inception, Client outreach programs make headlines by positively impacting the lifestyle of poor sections of the society. However, their wings are clipped due to their inability to adopt digital transformation for their activities. Due to this, many end customers of the client find it difficult to engage. As a result, their prominence in the Non-profit sector declined, an eye-opener for the client to embrace digital technologies.


The client depends on the excel based siloed system for managing and tracking their workflows. There is no real-time communication between users and the existing system.


Digital adaptation is the need of the hour for every company that desired to be second to none in their respective industry. After intensive requirement gathering process, Cubet developed and deployed a cloud-based social enterprise platform with features like networking, fundraising, volunteer management, employee engagement and corporate social responsibility solutions enabled with real-time communication, insights, and analytics. 


Your cause’s customer base increased rapidly by providing frictionless user experience. This further helps the client to achieve their goals of transforming society. 

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