A niche social media application for creatives and influencers


A Swedish startup funded by Swedish government agencies. A dynamic creative team of young professionals with a vision to disturb the current social media trends.

Business Requirement

Client’s requirement was to develop an application to create a space for users to share collections of creative content with like-minded people. The demand was for an iOS app initially to that can facilitate the collaborations & relationships between creatives. The client had an elaborative software development plan with Android apps and Admin system to follow the iOS app development. The key requirement was to achieve a unique User experience that the client envisioned. The concept makes use of influencer marketing strategies for the monetization.

Cubet’s solution

Understanding the requirements from the client, we designed a native iOS app. An app that has the capacity to develop & help digitalize revenue streams for creatives. A grid-like visual editing interface was developed that gives an open & free space for the user to create content. This app was specially developed for the creative people who could connect to the community without any hassle. It has been built to automatically suggest hashtags for posts, making hashtags much more relevant to the content. A full-fledged Admin system was also developed that give the product owner the analytics of the traffic and other metrics in the app.


  • The client wanted the app not to look or feel like Facebook, a very close eye was kept at the UI phase and the development phase to achieve this difference of experience.
  • More than photograph upload feature, the app had features like live reordering, photo editing, video editing capabilities which were a custom build.
  • The feed of the app had a feature of reordering, resizing & pinch zooming which was a major challenge.

Key Features

  • Social Media features
  • Feed editing
  • Reordering
  • Resizing
  • Pinch zooming
  • Live text and voice chat

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