Customer background 
The British Medical Journal(BMJ) is a Prominent online medical journal known as the linchpin for WHO for their role in sharing insights about health-related problems and for helping various government units across the globe to pre-empt epidemics.

Project Background
Millions of medical scholars and physicians log in to the online platform for publishing and referring to various articles. The existing application was unable to scale and manage high traffic. As a result, the publishing of articles decreased significantly and thus jolted their undisputed position. They understand the need for change and wanted a reliable company to support them and understand their issues, suggest a technical solution.

The existing system had various compatibility and security issues being the legacy application.

Cubet analyzed and identified client challenges in the first meeting. Based on our analysis, we propose a comprehensive digital learning platform that supports course creation, knowledge sharing, collaboration, training and online events inbuilt with a scalable system architecture that can scale up to meet high traffic to the website.

Traffic to the new platform increased significantly in the first month, and continuous communique with all stakeholders helped the client to reinstate their reputation. 

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