Customer Background

Our customer is a leading sport and fitness chain in Melbourne. They are committed to providing users with unrivaled services and amenities to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Additionally, tailormade innovative Mind-Body programs, expert private trainers, cutting-edge pieces of equipment and group exercise programs make the routine more interesting.

Project Background

The sports and fitness chain was spending a lot of time in onboarding new users manually, thus not addressing the important issues on time. This resulted in frustrated customers. The fitness chain wanted the customers to feel the onboarding process simple and allocation stress-free.


The existing System had a distributed database architecture. The migration of the data from the existing system to the new system with a centralized database was challenging.


Automating the onboarding operations by introducing a face-detection and biometric mechanism was the core solution suggested by Cubet. A centralized database architecture was adopted to avoid redundancy. This also aided users to gain access to the sports and fitness chain while they were across Australia. Data Migration was treated as a separate project thus giving more importance to the quality of data. API’s were created for the new system to enable easy migration in the future if needed. The platform also kept updated records of users’ body mass index, diet plan, and workout routines.

Further, an AI system was built upon the existing logic which was trained to learn the onboarding process and recognize faces. The system was also capable of providing daily workout routines and fitness goals after analyzing the user’s predefined health and physical attributes.


Cubet was able to automate 80% of the onboarding process thus enabling the sports and fitness chain to have more focus on the core activities and to provide better customer support. More customer loyalty since they can asses any facility out the country just by the touch of their finger. The users were able to track their progress and make plans accordingly.

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