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January 6th, 2014


Speed provides the one genuinely modern pleasure.” That’s why mandrill, a scalable and affordable email infrastructure service come to exist.

Even in this social media era, email, amazingly continue to be an integral part of our lives and many prefer to get updates through this ageing but powerful technology than relying on social media.

Let’s dig on the what and why details of Mandrill…

What is Mandrill?

Mandrill is an awesome transactional email product from the authors of MailChimp. Of course the team knows how to build a great looking product. Making ideal for small apps to use, Mandrill gives one of the most generous free allowances; 12,000 emails/month for free.

Apps can use Mandrill to send automated one-to-one email, like password reminders, shopping-cart receipts, and personalized notifications.

Mandrill offers advanced tracking, easy-to-understand reports, and hundreds of template options that shouldn’t be limited to bulk email newsletters. And it’s built on MailChimp’s proven email platform, which sends more than 9 billion emails a month.

Developers love the quick setup, webhooks support, and high delivery rates. Marketers love the beautiful interface, template options, tagging, and custom reports. Mandrill is the only transactional email product with a mobile app that allows you to monitor delivery and troubleshoot from wherever you are.

Why Mandrill?

So, hope you guys now got an idea on what is Mandrill and what makes it so special…..now I am listing some of the best features it offers, which made it to come one among the top.

Sending Options & Deliverability

  • Globally distributed sending infrastructure

  • Custom SPF

  • Custom DKIM

  • Custom tracking domains

  • Dedicated IPs

  • Multiple dedicated IPs

  • Dedicated IP pooling

  • Automated dedicated IP warm-up

  • Multiple sending domains per account

Templates & Dynamic Content

  • Multiple transactional templates per account

  • Automatic CSS in-lining

  • Spam filter testing(each test includes 10 major spam filters)

Reporting & Analytics

  • Detailed and searchable activity log – 7 days(30 days for all activity, 90 days for bounced messages)

  • Searchable, user-defined metadata

  • Transactional email tagging

  • Configurable email alerts

  • Split testing for transactional emails

  • Webhooks

  • Multiple webhooks per account

  • Geo-location and email client tracking

  • Detailed API logs

Pricing and Feature Availability

  • Pay as you go pricing for all users

  • All features available to all users

Additional Features

  • Two-factor authentication

  • Scheduled transactional emails

  • Subaccounts

  • Rules engine

  • Native mobile apps

  • Support (Email support)

Along with above features the following powerful options make Mandrill a strong platform for sending emails.

  • Fast SMTP setup

        Get started in less than a minute by changing just a few lines of code.0

  • Mobile app

        Log in to Mandrill and check the status of your emails from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Inbound email routing

        Utilize Mandrill for inbound email management, process it, and POST it to your site or application. Set up custom routes for email addresses and patterns.

  • API documentation

Access comprehensive documentation with in depth-examples, and test API calls from within the documentation.

  • Wrappers and modules

        Official wrappers are available in multiple languages. A variety of third-party plugins and modules help you connect popular apps to Mandrill.

  • Sensible default sending options

        Get started right away with common configuration options pre-selected, or choose your own default options to be applied for the account.

That’s it!!!  With its incredibly fast dispatch times, Mandrill worth your while!!!

So hurry!!! Let’s join the race with mandrill…!!

Tell us about before and after … sure that you will have something to say…

Catch me on my next post “PHPFOX and Mandrill API”, we can go deep into Mandrill…Keep an eye!!! 😉

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