M-Retailing: Changing Retail Perceptions

February 12th, 2020


It’s true that smartphones can make our lives easier and easier than we can manage our everyday tasks. I always wonder on the growth of a casual phone to a smartphone, how many phones have progressed?! These marvel giant hunks of hardware are changing the ancient perception of shopping and it had sprayed its drops on retail sector too.

These smartphones gave a new insight to the so-called brick- and-mortar retail stores, from stores to catalog browsing to internet retail sector traveled a long way and now you don’t require even a laptop to make purchases. Retailers are now investing in new e-commerce technology which encourages customers to shop strategically for deals inside physical stores.

In ancient days people believed that sale only happens when the customer walked into the shop but now the buying process has changed to a simple click on an email or just going to an online store. So for retailers, the reach of their products has extended. For example, if somebody sees an individual wearing a watch or some other product which he likes while walking downs a street, he or she can suddenly browse for the same and can reach to their interest instantly.

There is a great opportunity for the early adopters of mobile commerce to influence the customers or buyers in real time as they build “at the moment” customer analytics capabilities. Both the large chain and small boutique stores can squeeze the benefit of mobile tech.

Demand for mcommerce by consumers

It’s found by the Researchers that consumers are willing to engage with retailers through their mobile phones. A research firm named Latitude1 conducted a survey on 60% of the UK and American smartphone owners said that they are spurred to shop or make a purchase at least once a week because they’ve received a mobile alert (e.g., an email, text message, notification, etc.) from a brand or retailer. Latitude found that these alerts work best when they are location based and related to a product or service the consumer has professed an interest in.

At the same time, many consumers are looking for a better, simpler way to complete payments using their mobile phone. Nearly half (47%) of the people surveyed by Latitude cited smartphones’ small screen sizes as a deterrent, while 40% have worries about the security of their financial information. Mobile sites’ limited functionality (40%) and difficulty entering personal information (39%) also rank highly, suggesting that the design of the user interface is crucial. Latitude also found that shoppers are looking for a more comprehensive mobile payment platform.

So are you a retailer? Then don’t be late to invest on mcommerce and start generating revenue. Brands that don’t connect with consumers using mobile technology are losing sales over period.

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