Best 5 Node.js Frameworks

November 25th, 2020

Node.js is a server-side framework wrapped around the JavaScript language which has an explosive growth over the last couple of years.  It’s used for building scalable, event-driven applications. Node.js runs stand-alone JavaScript programs and is the go-to development framework for making event-driven, low-latency, concurrent apps. Nodejs includes different types of frameworks like MVC framework, Rest API, full stack frameworks etc which all helps node to behave user-friendly and handle easily. Node also supports numerous functionalities and features to develop huge web apps. Here are 5 of the best node.js web application frameworks.


Express can be said as one of the best frameworks of Node. It is flexible and has a great support and a bunch of helpful features which allows building single and multiple page websites and hybrid web apps. You can structure your web application based on the size of your team and application scale with the help of express js.


Locomotive is a web-based framework for Node.js. It has a conventional file structure and supports MVC patterns, Restful routs. Locomotive uses Express framework to employee a high organized structure. The integration with all database and template engines is quite easy with locomotive and it produces gorgeous codes in a short development time.


Sail is an MVC backend framework for Nodejs which is built on the top of express. It’s inspired by ruby onrails / symphony/ Zend. Sail.js has the ability to gets things started ridiculously quick. This great framework can be used for generating custom enterprise apps, modern node js apps and also for making charts, dashboards and games.  With a highly scalable architecture sailjs adds support for data driven API-s.


Keystone js is built on Express and Mongo. It is a content management system and web application platform. It helps developers to develop web apps which are database driven. It is known for its reliability in building commercial web apps and putting them into production mode. It comes integrated with an admin dashboard which is automatically produced from mongoose models.


Total js is a great web app framework ever for creating rich websites and web services, using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is designed with the aim of automation of as many tasks as possible. With its extensive framework, rewriting the functionalities and replacing as you wish is quite easy. RESTful routing gives the framework one of the best routing engines around.

All the above have similar basic functionalities, features and tools. Make your choice after through research and testing.

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