Cubet offers full-stack Laravel development services to businesses, aiding them in picking the optimal combination of front-end and back-end technologies and decreasing the time it takes to build and market web and mobile applications. We are Laravel partners and a Laravel-certified development company that addresses customer problems by delivering usable applications.

For more than a decade, Cubet has been developing applications, and some of the prominent businesses, such as British Medical Journal, Shoot the Frame and Idea Drop use Cubet’s Laravel development services to power their applications.

Laravel Certified Development Company

Cubet is now a Laravel certified company, making it one of the few elite companies to hold both a Laravel partnership and a Laravel certification. As a result, we are the best Laravel development company to call if you need projects completed reliably. With access to the Laravel creators and a highly skilled team of Laravel developers, we can assist you in developing powerful, scalable, and secure web apps and REST APIs. We can work with you to construct a well designed backend and APIs for your web and mobile apps using Laravel in conjunction with some of the most popular front end technologies like Angular.js, React.js, vue.js, livewire, and others.

We are merely a click away if you need to employ Laravel developers that are experienced and regularly trained in the Laravel framework.

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Laravel Partner Company

Every partnership has advantages, and Cubet, as an official Laravel partner, benefits from the convenience and access required to contact the Laravel creators and seek help in challenging circumstances. Cubet has done it all, from designing lightning-fast APIs and microservices with Laravel to managing your product using block-of-time maintenance contracts.

Laravel Partner Company

Laravel Services

We've used Laravel to create a number of complicated web and mobile apps. As a Laravel development company, we recognise that not all clients want product development, but some require maintenance and also hire Laravel developers. We have designed our services to meet the needs of all of our customers:

  • Project Consulting

    Project Consulting

    We provide consulting on Laravel projects, assisting clients with budgeting, picking tools, forming teams and skill sets, and determining the best infrastructure for deployment.

  • App development

    App development

    Using Laravel’s latest and most advanced features, we start your application concept from scratch, mature, and then fine-tune it to the ideal solution.

  • Code Auditing

    Code Auditing

    We can help you speed up your code release, assure code maturity, and maintainability by detecting defects, security breaches, or violations of programming norms using our extensive understanding of Laravel and its newest updates.

  • Performance optimization

    Performance optimization

    We apply rigorous analysis to optimize your Laravel code so that it is smaller, uses less memory, and executes faster.

  • Application reengineering

    Application reengineering

    Increasing the efficiency of your current legacy apps by re-engineering them in laravel.

  • Laravel app migration

    Laravel app migration

    Migrate your current Laravel applications to the cloud with authorized Amazon and Microsoft developers.

  • Hire Laravel developers

    Hire Laravel developers

    Hire dedicated Laravel developers that can assist you with product prototypes through regression testing.

  • Testing and Maintenance

    Testing and Maintenance

    We offer the experience to make your Laravel application bug-free and long-lasting, from testing as a service to maintenance and support.

Major Clients

Seven Lakes
Pivot it
By The Scruff
Your Cause
Idea Drop
Tech Mahindra

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British Medical Journal: Simplify learning

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Online Community for Showcasing User-Made Artwork

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Idea Management and Collaboration Platform

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Contractor Work Management Software

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Niche Creative Social Media Platform

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