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Healthcare and Fitness

Mobile and web applications have made a significant impact in the functioning of several industries in the past decade. One of the important industries among these is healthcare/fitness. The healthcare industry was completely transformed by smart devices and respective healthcare/fitness mobile applications. The graph representing health and fitness mobile application usage for the past couple of years has been ever-evolving. There are several reasons that can be held responsible for this increasing interest for health and fitness mobile applications. A major one among these is the advanced feature with latest health/fitness applications that allow the respective user to integrate it to their social media profiles. Such a provision literally takes the idea into a different level in addition to attaining maximum exposure.
Integrating fitness applications with social media accounts leads to different potential scenarios where the account holder can share his/her achievements and respective connections can encourage or share these achievements. This is mutually beneficial for both the fitness mobile application developer and the mobile application user.

Significance of Healthcare/Fitness Mobile Applications

Mobile health applications are one of the highly upvoted mobile app innovations, that can bring crucial updates regarding health at your fingertips. Such applications can turn out to be a godsend, especially when you follow a busy lifecycle dominated by work and where you don’t have enough time to go through diet plans or habits. Today, you even have apps that can replace the need of a doctor in daily life. Such health applications are developed to act as a virtual doctor who asks you a series of questions with the intention of pinpointing your illness or ailment.

Staying fit is the dream of any individually especially when they have easy access to different types of eateries irrespective of the time of the day. This is where fitness mobile applications can play an indispensible role. Such mobile applications are considered to be the ideal inspiration to follow routine workout sessions. Almost all the fitness mobile applications of today are developed to track your progress in real-time. This is one of the features that allures or keep and convinces the user to stay in the loop. Fitness applications will assist you in staying fit by enabling you to track your fitness, set goals and get free workout ideas.

Monetizing Healthcare/Fitness Mobile Applications

As the usage stats for Healthcare/fitness mobile applications have been increasing exponentially with time these applications can be monetized without much effort. Most of such applications offer HD Videos of workout ideas or yoga best practices under the premium subscription packages. An application that offers workout, healthcare tips or ideas at $1 dollar a day can bring in huge profits with respect to the user rating and downloads.

Custom Healthcare/Fitness Mobile Application Development

Trying to tackle the healthcare/fitness industry with a brilliant idea is never frowned-upon at any cost. You already have a huge catalogue of healthcare and fitness applications that mirror different functionalities and features. This is where planning to go for a custom healthcare/fitness mobile application is going to pay off. With a vast experience in Health/Fitness Mobile Application development for multi-platforms, Cubet is undoubtedly your one stop solution when it comes to developing a custom healthcare and fitness application. With a great vision in mobile app development and a professional team of cross platform application developers, we can efficiently develop a robust healthcare application in minimum time. We have an elaborate portfolio pertaining to custom healthcare/fitness mobile application development with one of our fitness applications (Bounts) listed among the List of 37 Best Android Applications in a recent survey by a prominent online magazine.

Bounts It

Bounts It

Bounts is for everyone no matter how you choose to exercise. Our mission is to get you exercising at least 20 minutes every day. That sounds pretty easy but most of us struggle to achieve it. That’s why we created bounts to help.

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