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B2B & B2C Applications

B2B & B2C Mobile Applications

In the present scenario, the world of technology is dominated by smartphones and related gadgets. The trend towards the people’s likeness to go mobile has been surging with time. Most of the successful present day businesses, irrespective of their niche, utilize these stats. Business mobile applications are categorized into two: Business to Business and Business to Customer. While a business to customer or B2C mobile application is mainly developed to conduct retail transaction between the customer and business, a Business to business or B2B mobile application is developed to conduct transaction and other activities between multiple businesses. B2C mobile applications ideally allow the customers to act independently like sharing, generating and viewing content and media files. B2B mobile applications are solutions to automate or ease different business processes. The line that differentiates both B2B and B2C mobile applications is becoming tenuous with time. The present day business mobile applications are designed to cater both B2B and B2C features /functionalities.

Significance of B2B/B2C Mobile Applications

The success of any present day business can be measured by analysing its effectiveness in delivering their customers with relevant information on the go. The key to converting your nascent business to a behemoth in a short notice is by treating your customers like king. This is where mobile applications play a pivotal role. When a business has a mobile application that bridges the service to its customers in an effective manner, the business is expected to get a good level of exposure by word of mouth or referrals. To sum-up, B2C mobile applications are the best means to develop customer loyalty and brand recognition. On the flip side, B2B business mobile applications simplify collaborative business processes. Business mobile applications are expected to bring in huge potential in terms of finance to any business irrespective of whether it is a small or large scale organization.

Monetizing B2B/B2C Mobile Applications

We can use different strategies like freemium, in-app advertising, in-app purchase etc. to monetize B2B or B2C mobile applications.

Freemium: Freemium is one of the commonly used strategies for monetizing any variant of business mobile applications. Under this mobile app monetization strategy, the app is offered as a free download, but with basic features, the users are provided with the option to upgrade via paid subscriptions to enjoy the premium features.

Mobile Application Advertising: Mobile application advertising strategy is another commonly used monetization strategy. When it comes to advertising via applications, you need to initially aim for a huge customer base or app downloads to generate a database of the respective users. This database can be used to allure app publishers who would like to place ads on your business mobile application.

We can always try out different business mobile app advertising strategies with respect to the industry, budget etc.

Custom B2B/B2C Mobile Application Development

The present day businesses are resorting to enterprise mobility solutions to complement their core services and products. This is something that promises a bright future for mobile applications. As a result, for savvy businessmen, investing their unique ideas and thoughts into custom business mobile application development can always turn out to be a result-oriented move. This is where Cubet can be of assistance; our professional team of cross platform business mobile app developers maintain the right skillset, creativity and innovation to deliver a robust business application of your dream. We understand that UI/UX is one of the critical components for mobile application development and we strive to create intuitive business applications that cater the best user experience ever.

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