The Rich Media Exchange is a B2B technology and service company, dedicated to providing content and technology to simplify the use of rich media in travel marketing and distribution.

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    Corporate Website

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    Web Development

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    Web Application

  • Technology Used

    #Nodejs #Angularjs

Business Requirement

The client wanted an online content management portal that allowed subscribers to access and manage content including videos, images, articles, and guides. The portal application was also required to allow subscribers to share single images/videos, build custom playlists, email content, share content on Social Media channels, get URL links, and generate Embed codes for content use within their own website. The tool is also a solution for larger organizations who wish to White Label the technology to manage all forms of content internally.

Our Approach

We recommended angularjs for frontend and sailsjs for backend. Based on the project requirement, we used various API for cloud search, s3 file uploads and Ice portal crawling. The cron jobs was integrated for resizing (to offer media files of preferred quality to the subscribers) the media files which were to be uploaded into the Amazon S3. Based on the client requirements and after performing a detailed research on the potential payment gateways, we recommended and integrated the payment gateway: chargify.

The Challenge

We had to create a database on cloud similar to Mongodb and for fetching data with minimum or zero turnaround time. The files were uploaded and fetched from Amazon S3 as requested by the client.

We used to fetch and crawl images and media files from a sub portal of ICE Portal

The latest features of angularjs like drag and drop, swapping etc were used for this project.


Rich Media Exchange (RME) currently has the largest library of travel content available in the marketplace. Currently RME distribute partner content to over 1,800 media and 3,000+ travel agents/agencies, and deliver the most intuitive and robust self-service content portal to their subscribers.

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