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Designer Intimates Designer Intimates

Designer Intimates

Designer Intimates is a social e-shop offering lingerie from brands such as Felina, Paramour, Jezebel and Black Bow.

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    Designer Intimates

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    Web Development, UI/UX Service

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    Web Application

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Business Requirement

DesignerIntimates is an online shop for Felina, Jezebel, Paramour lingerie. They had an old fashioned web shop that was running for years and they wanted to revamp the ecommerce platform to match the growing demands and changing interests of the industry. We were contacted to develop a robust and scalable ecommerce platform for DesignerIntimates.

Our Approach

After a close evaluation of the popular ecommerce platforms, we decided to go with Magento Enterprise Solution. The decision was based on the vast requirements that client had and the extra security requirements in demand. The ecommerce site was build on Magento with a custom theme and a series of customized modules and third party modules. The completed application was hosted at an Nginx server for great performance.

The Challenge

The scalability of the site was the major challenge as huge traffic was expected to the site on a daily basis. The client needed a user-friendly and attractive design and the Magento theme was deeply customized to the client requirements. The project was developed keeping in mind the performance and scope of future development; the development process was optimized to satisfy the same.


After launching the website, DesignerIntimates showed a great progress with respect to business and conversions. DesignerIntimates offers the greatest deals for loyal customers and brand ambassadors. The product was well accepted by the company as well as its customers.

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