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Bounts is for everyone, no matter how you choose to exercise. Our mission is to get you exercising at least 20 minutes every day. That sounds pretty easy but most of us struggle to achieve it. That’s why we created bounts to help.

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  • Sector

    Healthcare & Fitness

  • Services

    UX Design, Interface Design,Web Design, Web & Mobile App Development, Web Hosting

  • Type

    Web & Mobile Application

  • Technology Used

    #Elgg #Angularjs #WordPress #iOS #Android

Business Requirement

The Bounts customer had a requirement to create a simple web application which could be used to track physical activities of customers and generate reports based on them. If this was a hit, he wanted this to be expanded to include provisions to add new partners, add points to activities and facilitate redemption of these points by the customers etc.

Our Approach

We suggested building a simple social media app based on the elgg platform for his initial requirement. The application soon gained acceptance among its users and further expansion was done to Connect bounts to any app or device you already use and track all your exercise in one place. Reward points based on rules were also added. To cope up with the performance issues faced when the volume of usage increased, we moved the application to a Yii base on a cloud hosting environment. An iPhone app and windows app for activity scanning were also developed to give more usability options to the customers.

The Challenge

Bounts must connect your favourite running apps, devices like Fitbit and Jawbone or check-in at gyms and venues with the bounts mobile app.

As a fitness application, Bounts was required to fetch the workout data from the user’s digital health devices to the Bounts Application.

The data fetched via bounts application were to be classified as qualified and disqualified on the basis for relevant activities, for handing out points.


Bounts has become a very popular application in UK with more than 15 partner apps or gyms connected to it. More than 10,000 users are already using the bounts app and claiming rewards. Bounts has come to us with plans for phase 3 of their product which is going to involve inclusion of a Rules Engine and scaling to accommodate around 15M users.

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