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Bndler is the marketplace for discounted bundles by top brands. At Bndler, we believe that even better things come in Shared Bundles! Bndler brings you irresistible deals from top brands.

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    Corporate Website

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    UX Design, Interface Design,Web Design, Web Development

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    Web Application

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Business Requirement

The client wanted a site that would act as a marketplace for bundles of products offered by top brands. Apart from the features found in typical deal making sites, the client wanted to incorporate a unique feature to Bndler that is deals by bundles. The user will have the option to make a deal from a deal bundle so that the chances for getting the deal success are higher.

Our Approach

We suggested Yii framework for Bndler development. Being a deal making site that handles several tasks at a time, we adopted an agile development process. The project was divided into sprints and as the client wanted the site to go on air in a short notice, sprints were executed parallel and the usage of Yii framework eased the process of assigning multiple developers at the same time.

The Challenge

Instead of single deals, bundler contains a bundle of deals. The deals are on when the bundle reaches the tipping point from the purchase of any of the deals in the bundle.

Charging a credit cart only when the deal is on. As the deal life time is longer, no user will prefer to get charged and then to get refunded when the deal doesn’t qualify.

Promocodes to be displayed in a widget displayed in hosting company websites. The user can click on a deal in the widget to be taken to the bundler site to purchase and avail the promocode.

When a user registers in bundler site by clicking on a newsletter from any company, the company can decide which company’s newsletters send from bundler should be delivered to this user.


Bndler (which is to be launched soon) is expected to be one of the successful and unique deal making site in middle east. With its one-of-a-kind bundle deal making feature, it is expected to attract both deal makers and top brands.

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