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Cubet Techno Labs now offers PSD to Angularjs conversion. With best-suited web solutions to your requirements, we ensure high quality, feature-rich, and competent end product for smooth functioning of your business. Below listed are the features of our service.

Upload your PSD files and get it converted to fully-functional AngularJS web pages. We gather all your project requirements, inspects and converts it into pixel perfect deployment-ready Angularjs pages.

$120 per inner page

$240 – the first one

Carousel / Image Gallery ? : $10

A carousel gallery is a placeholder for unlimited media storage both image and videos which can be played in a browser window. The carousel gallery is the cornerstone for creating a publishing multimedia content on your website. One of the unique feature of carousel gallery is the pointer focus, which will provide you a zoomed in image or video on focus.

Tabs ? : $10

The tabs area is literally a container that holds multiple pains and such an area can be utilized to show pertinent information tagged with a single pain at a time. The tab switching , process, which can be set as automatic and manual can also be tagged with some JavaScript effects. The quote here excludes such customization.

Custom Scroll ? : $40

Custom scroll bar redefines the default or obsolete scroll bar on your website. Select this if you want an customized scrollbars for your website.

Accordion Menu ? : $5

The accordion menu is a menu type that bolsters user experience by opening automatically and highlighting the current page that is open. This menu type is also characterized by expanding/contracting down, up or sideways.

Animated Sorting / Filter ? : $65

The animated sorting/filter is an ideal solution for managing or reordering items like visual widgets or datasets with respect to categories, dates etc by utilizing visually pleasing custom animations.

Slide ? : $65

The slider is literally a pointer or a piece of bar which runs along even a larger bar. The user can trigger the slider movement using the mouse pointer or a arrow keys.

Pop-up ? : $45

A popup is a floating or flyout window which is usually set to provide additional information about any element on the active web page or to acquire user information . It is usually set in such a manner so that it doesn’t obstruct the content on the active web page. Choose this option for adding customized popups to your template.

Tool Tip ? : $35

Tooltip is nothing but a graphical user interface which is displayed as a snippet of information when you hover the mouse pointer over actionable items on the web page like a clickable link, video, image etc. The tooltip can be used to highlight information about what will happen next when you take a pertinent action.

Calender ? : $50

Calendar provides you with the option to browse through day, year or month. It becomes an inevitable tool when it comes to developing booking websites, news sites etc.

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Total Pages : 1

Default Package Features:

  • Ready to Integrate API
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Browser Compatible
  • Form Validation
  • Material Design

Total Price: $240

Place your order now to get awesome Angularjs code

Highest quality HTML5 / CSS3, Compatible with all modern browsers and devices.

Your details and project brief

Default Package Features:

  • Ready to Integrate API
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Browser Compatible
  • Form Validation
  • Material Design

Pricing & ETA

On Demand Customization

We offer on demand customization/changes to the uploaded PSD files. We are open to suggestions/customization to the existing designs.

Responsive Angularjs Pages

We at Cubet Techno Labs,  have developed similar mobile applications and it would make us the right candidate to get this done within the time and budget frame. Contact us today so that we could walk you through pertinent portfolio.  

Peerless Coding Etiquette

Angularjs experts at Cubet strive for clutter free coding practices for bug-free final product. Each project will be handled by experienced developers under supervision of project managers.

Midas Touch

Get your PSD to Angularjs project hand-coded by experienced professionals. All the PSD to HTML and Angularjs projects that we commit are handled by developers of at least three years of experience in the industry.

NDA & Service Level agreement

We will never try to lock you into long terms contracts. Cubet maintains clear-cut Non-Disclosure and Service Level Agreements which will be signed before commencement of the project.




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